Since the foundation of our business, Kuramochi Accounting has provided great assistance in terms of taxation, Super, and other services. Each consultation, they provide advice relating to tax, as well as the merits and demerits for the business, with great attention to detail. The staff and owner are wonderful, and provide any advice without hesitation.
Sazae (IT system development)

Kuramochi Accounting has been extremely helpful, with accurate advice. They can provide efficient service relating to taxation processes, and those focused on business.

Wasemi(Babysitter dispatch service)

Kuramochi Accounting has really assisted with not just accounting such as cash flow statements, taxation and financial statements, but also provided advice relating to pensions and insurance procedures. Able to explain documents and finances to me even as a layman, they allow me to understand the current financial state of the business, and identify issues, providing clear ways of dealing with these. I have great faith in them, as we are able to work through problems together according to the situation. Even the advice which occasionally seems to be impossible provides excellent results, as the firm has a multifaceted approach to solving problems.

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